KJ Prince

Growth & Marketing


Nov 2 2016

I’m currently in New York and looking to relocate before the winter sets in.

Here’s what I’m doing now:

  1. Creating a podcast, website, and community focused on emerging trends in technology and distribution in the insurance and finance sectors. You can find this at insurancetech.io
  2. Relaunching Insurance Engine with a new website, new positioning, and new business model.
  3. Working on Awardsly, a platform that empowers distributors in the awards and recognition business.
  4. Launching the parent company of all of the above projects—a marketing technology agency called Double Top.
  5. Winding down most of my freelance digital consulting (design, dev, marketing, analytics, etc) work as I move into a marketing technology agency model.
  6. Working through over 200 articles that I’ve written over the years but have yet to publish. Most of them are on digital distribution, digital marketing, customer acquisition, etc.
  7. Learning more about systems administration and developer ops. Currently diving in Ansible.
  8. Rehabbing a spine injury that occurred in June 2016. Learning to have patience and focus my attention on the opportunities presented by my inability to train aggressively.
  9. Working on my design skills. Learning a few different prototyping tools (my go-to is still Keynote) like Framer.js, Principle, and Sketch.

That’s mostly it. Lot’s of irons in the fire but everything I’m doing is related to one big thing: creating value with the web. Digital is an integrated discipline and my curiosity has led me to explore many avenues—from demand generation to data and analytics…From design to development and systems administration.