3 Quick Strategies to Figure Out What You Want

Figure out what you want

#1 Figure Out What You’re Jealous of and Ask Why?
This will put you in touch with what really drives you, what motivates you…Those deep down compelling emotions that are causing your good behaviors and the bad ones too…Better to harness this emotion then let it work against you. Anytime you notice a bit of jealousy creeping in figure out what is, why you’re jealous—then ask why until you come to the root cause.

I like to do this in my “jealousy journal”…This allows me to quickly empty the tank, get those emotions out of my mind and body (where they are truly destructive) and onto paper. After some time you’ll be able to look back at the things you’re jealous of and look for trends…What do all of these things have in common? What’s the most common theme and underlying issue?

Now, the most important part: what changes do you need to make to address the root causes-—to either make moves on getting what you want…Or taking action to eliminate the jealous emotions.

Emotions that are as strong as jealously deserve your attention. They are trying to tell you something. Instead of judging yourself, rejecting those thoughts, or tuning out–reach deeper within and improve your self awareness.

#2 Journal, Journal, Journal
Journal about how you feel, what you’re thinking and what you are most afraid of. Bruce Lee used to do this—he would sit down and write out all his fears on a piece of paper—then burn it! All his fears were in that fire. The only thing left was his hopes and dreams and the action he was willing to take to get there.

Journaling also has a second-order effect—you’ll have a running history of your thoughts that you can review and reflect on. There’s nothing more rewarding than taking a trip down memory lane and seeing how your hard work payed off—or figuring out why it didn’t..

#3 Meditate
Similar to number 1 and 2 above meditation is about self-reflection. Meditation helps you become aware of the thousands of thoughts flowing through your mind and the sensations ebbing through your body.
The self-awareness that meditation cultivates will help you get clear on your faults and your abilities. It will help you transform pain into performance and doubts into concrete actions.

So you’ve become self aware through meditation, you’ve honed in on those feelings of jealousy, and you’re keeping a journal–what do you do now?


It takes time to develop self-awareness. Commit to a consistent routine and allow the process to work it’s magic. Six months from now review your journal. The results may surprise you.