How to Quickly and Easily Eliminate Fear So You Can Live the Life You Want

Fear destroys your hopes, your dreams, your compassion and empathy.

Fear causes you to judge, to alienate, to avoid and to run from the things you need to chase down.

What are You Afraid Of?

Solving any problem starts with identifying the root cause. What is it that you’re really afraid of? And what’s causing that fear? Too often we find our personal and professional lives are pushed by fear instead of pulled by desire. Our lives aren’t controlled by our strengths and passions, but are misdirected by our irrational fears.

Are you afraid of selling that cold prospect on your product or service? Are you afraid to email that potential mentor or industry peer? Instead of confronting these fears by doing the thing we avoid them…Endlessly procrastinating, planning, learning, reading, listening to podcasts…When the fear could be overcome by doing just leaping into the unknown and doing the damn thing.

Fear is making you unsuccessful. Fear is standing in your way and you need to punch that bully in the stomach, kick him in the shins and say “fuck you fear!”

Eliminating Fear By Doing The Thing

To solve any problem you must find the cause.

The primary causes of fear are:

  1. ego
  2. lack of self-confidence
  3. some trauma experienced as a child
  4. family issues, relationship issues, interpersonal issues, etc

These fears are of course unfounded and irrational. They create a far worse future than any pain confronting the fears would actually cause.

The Fear Pyramid–Attacking Your Fears with Reckless Abandon

Here’s four steps you can take to overcome any fear.

  1. Take small steps. Build a system. Follow the plan, moment by moment. Think about the next step, not the next mile.
  2. Use the “5 Whys” technique. Ask why you’re experiencing fear. Get to the root cause so you can address it.
  3. Think of the worst case scenario. What’s the absolutely worst thing that can happen if you face your fears? If you call that prospect? Email that potential mentor? Thinking through the worst possible outcome will help you shift your thinking from an irrational fear to an array of possible outcomes.
  4. Get help. Seek support. You need your best friends, your most trusted advisors—and you need to PAY someone to provide unbiased, rational feedback. That’s right—your friends and family are unable to consciously or unconsciously provide the support you need…And they likely won’t offer the kick in the ass you need.

The Other Side of Fear
On the other side of fear is everything you’ve ever wanted. Go get it.